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"xv" video with intel graphics?

I thought it used to work, but perhaps that was with the 2014 intel driver
that could use SNA on my hardware (intel G41)...

Playing a video file with 'mplayer' or 'mpv' defaults to "xv" video output
but this just displays a black window.

Forcing "-vo x11" by command line or system default config file (which is
another story) works, but nags with deprecation warnings.

Does "-vo xv" work on any intel graphics devices?  If so, which ones and
under what conditions?

As to the system-wide config files, 'mpv' quite sensibly uses

The 'mplayer' documentation is misleading and seems to indicate that
the system-wide config file is "/etc/mplayer.conf" which I assumed
would really mean "/usr/pkg/etc/mplayer.conf" in a pkgsrc context.

I ultimately had to 'ktruss' mplayer to discover that it takes
"/usr/pkg/share/mplayer/mplayer.conf" as its system-wide config file.
This seems an odd place for a file which may require alteration to suit
the prevailing hardware conditions.  Perhaps better to put it (and other
such config files) in "/usr/pkg/share/examples/mplayer" and copy them
to "/usr/pkg/etc/mplayer" or the like if they don't already exist.

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