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mount -a vs glusterfs


I found two small bugs in glusterfs mounting:

1. If gluster file system is specified in fstab(5)

gfs01:/gva /gva glusterfs rw,backup-volfile-servers=gfs02:gfs03:gfs04:gfs05:gfs06 1 2

and one make "mount -a" several times - filesystem will
be mounted over and over

Filesystem                  Size       Used      Avail %Cap Mounted on
/dev/dk0                    993M       173M       770M  18% /
gfs01:/gva                  3,9T        45G       3,9T   1% /gva
gfs01:/gva                  3,9T        45G       3,9T   1% /gva
gfs01:/gva                  3,9T        45G       3,9T   1% /gva

unlike FFS filesystems which are not mounted again if
mounted before. Is it a bug and where it can reside?

2. And if I add noauto to this volume - it won't mount
[root@steel SIS]$ mount /gva
ERROR: Server name/volume name unspecified cannot proceed further..
Please specify correct format
man 8 /sbin/mount_glusterfs

I guess it is a bug in glusterfs.

Sincerely yours,
Dima Veselov
Physics R&D Establishment of Saint-Petersburg University

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