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Re: Man page names

Todd Gruhn <> writes:

> I have noticed that there are many man pages with the name/form
> *.conf.5
> Are  all man pages with the form *.* and *.*.* in section 5?

(answered already: no)

> Can anyone see future problems  caused by linking
> a.b.c --> a_b_c  ?

You said adding a symlink, not moving them, but still:  This adds
complexity, it adds man pages under non-standard names that nobody would

Perhaps most importantly, you did not explain what the problem is, how
your proposed change would help the problem, and why it would not have
other undesirable consequences.

If you want to add links on your own system, I don't foresee any real
problems, other than that it is a gratuitous incompatibility.

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