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Re: Securing DNS traffic

On Sat, 23 May 2020 11:38:18 +0200 (CEST)
Havard Eidnes <> wrote:

> If you desire to protect your lookup history from prying eyes, it's
> one thing to protect the communication itself.  However, I would
> personally shy away from all of Google, Cloudflare and Mozilla
> recursors, DoH or not.

I was thinking about this as well, but is there any real evidence that
public DNS providers misuse your personal data? Google probably do a
lot of tracking, but this must be all detailed in their privacy policy.

I'm using Cloudflare DNS server and according to their blog:

- They don't track users.
- They don't use data for targeting ads.
- They don't write IP addresses to disk.
- They delete transaction logs within 24 hours.

So we assume they do as they promise, but if they were to break those
promises, I think the regulators would come down on them quite hard. I
don't know much about the legal aspects of it, so who knows.

Privacy is the main reason I'm slowly moving away from Gmail and
setting up my own email server (Postfix + Dovecot) on NetBSD virtual
private server. I'd like to be managing my own email and nobody else.

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