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Re: Trouble installing NetBSD 9.0 amd64


I'm having trouble with this part. I had to use `dkctl wd0 delwedge` to remove the EFI wedges. I also had trouble trying to gpt resize -a 2m -s 80m my efi diskwedge. And when I added a new EFI wedge it went to the end of the list not at the beginning (first 80mb).

Very frustrating. Should I just try mbr install?


On Tuesday, 19 May 2020, 20:08:01 GMT+12, Martin Husemann <> wrote:

On Tue, May 19, 2020 at 06:52:39AM +0000, Ahi Brown wrote:
> Yes both the two files are in the /efi/boot/ directory. My msdos
> partition is 4096 size blocks compared to the USB which is 2048 sized
> blocks. Would that make much difference?

It should not, but that may be an issue with your firmware.

So it could be either the size of the EFI partition (there are rumours
of firmware requiring less than 100 MB, though I read the EFI spec as
asking for 128 MB), or it could be the FAT type of the msdos file system.

You could try to newfs_msdos with different -F arguments and see if that
makes a difference, and if that does not help make the partition smaller
(say 80 MB). Changing this partition size does not require any changes to
the other partitions, only a newfs_msdos afterwards (again maybe try different
-F arguments).

Another option would be firmware variable settings (which we do not create
at all, so the bootloader has no proper name in the UEFI boot menu) - but
that is true also for the USB device and I have never seen it cause issues.


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