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Trouble installing NetBSD 9.0 amd64


 I am having trouble trying to install NetBSD 9.0 amd64 on a old ASUS S200E Laptop (2012). I used to play around a bit with NetBSD during the BIOS days but ever since 2013 when the UEFI laptops have been released I am having trouble getting it installed or running.

 I am using 3 websites to try to get  it installed and running they are:

 First of NetBSD 9.0 can boot of the USB stick successfully. Once I get to sysint I drop into /bin/sh then I follwed created a /dev/dk wedge and went back into the install pointed to that partion and it managed to install. But it must not have installed the boot properly because on reboot it hung and I had to use the USB stick to boot.

 The second time I tried to follow :

and changed the /dev/rwd0x to the respective /dev/rdkx partitions. I seem to get good results this way and install the packages and once I get to the 'set up a chroot env' part it mounts my wd0 partions and I can run the packages. .i.e I can get twm running :).

 Having to boot of a usb stick then manually mound the /dev/dk partitions is a pain in the butt.

 I would like to attempt to get NetBSD up and running of /dev/wd0 if not get it installed on to a bootable USB stick.

 I hope this is the right place to post this.


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