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Re: NetBSD Jails

At Sun, 17 May 2020 21:52:58 +0100, Sad Clouds <> wrote:
Subject: Re: NetBSD Jails
> On Sun, 17 May 2020 14:07:21 -0500
> Ted Spradley <> wrote:
> > How well will all this modern container and virtualization stuff work
> > on the older platforms that only have megabytes of memory, not
> > gigabytes?
> Quite well, since containers are very lightweight. It's not the
> container technology that sucks beyond belief, but the bloated user
> applications that need gigabytes of memory to run basic tasks.

Since Ted asked about older platforms where memory is an issue, well the
kind of "container" technology in Linux certainly isn't "lightweight" --
there's a ton of extra code in the kernel to make it work.  (CGroups)

I _think_ FreeBSD Jails are less heavy-weight but it does get its
tendrils deep into quite a wide variety of kernel subsystems.

Both incur a huge amount of code complexity to the kernel.

					Greg A. Woods <>

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