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Re: NetBSD Jails

Am 17.05.2020 um 06:01 schrieb Greg A. Woods <>:
> I know some people do allow human users to login to FreeBSD "jails", but
> I really have to wonder why.  I think if you want to give human users
> the idea that they have their own machine then you really do need to
> give them a whole VM (at least with Unix/POSIX systems -- modernized
> multics-like systems might be a better way).

if you really wonder, take a look at i.e. FreeNAS as other projects which uses BSD jails as containers for virtual multi host environments (i.e. mailservers, LAMP stuff, Database servers, Samba stuff and proprietary / binary software etc) which all have their own IPs as root as user contexts in fs as userspace and security isolation (system as net / firewalling etc) is a major reason. This is one of the most used scenarios today.

many greetings,


Niels Dettenbach

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