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Re: pkg and downloaded files


Sad Clouds wrote:
Do I miss something in my NFS config here? maybe server-side
By default NFS will map root user to nobody, hence you won't have
correct permissions. See exports(5) man page and -maproot option. You
probably need to explicitly map root to root, i.e. -maproot=root:wheel

that was it, thank you.
Actually the mapping is done on the server side, so on the client I see the file as owned "by root" but the server considers it "nobody"... if I had seen the mapping with "ls" I would have noticed immediately.

Well, first time I set up a real NFS, I usually just connected it or set it up for netboot so readonly was never a problem.

Proud to have it done with NetBSD ! Sun Netra T1 doing some useful duty again, not just compiling for hours and then spiting out errors. :-P



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