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Re: pkg and downloaded files

On 14.05.2020 20:26, Sad Clouds wrote:
On Thu, 14 May 2020 19:05:56 +0200
Riccardo Mottola <> wrote:

Hi All,

where do source files get saved?

This in your mk.conf tells where to save distfiles


To find out that DISTDIR is the correct variable, here are two ways:

bmake help topic=distfiles

That's 320 lines of text, quite a lot, but it has the necessary
information. By searching for the topic "distfiles" I used a word that
is in common use to describe these files. If you would have searched for
other keywords, just add them to the help text in

bmake show-all
bmake show-all-fetch

That's like saying "show me all interesting variables, properly
grouped". When I'm not sure what to expect I run "bmake show-all", and I
know that show-all-$group already works for the phases like fetch,
patch, build, install.

Further information:

Funny that I chose exactly "show-all-fetch" as the example in the pkgsrc

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