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Re: Switching pkgsrc to git repository

Hey Bob,

pkg_info -b will not work the way it used to (since there are no general equivalents of RCS Ids for git), and that is what joerg is working on right now, and why we have the following paragraph in the 2020Q1 announcement

 - USE_PKG_ADMIN_DIGEST enables SHA256 digests for file identification
   rather than the $NetBSD$ CVS identifier.


On Mon, 4 May 2020 at 11:19, Bob Bernstein <> wrote:
My spidey sense, or "inner bofh," tells me it's time.

Other than the clone command per se (from /usr/pkgsrc/

"git clone

...are there any caveats or head's up I should heed? Any handy
"for dummies" wiki pages?

Thank You

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