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Re: Asterisk video conferences using NetBSD?

Am 22.04.2020 um 20:01 schrieb Mayuresh <>:
> I guess, for android phones. Not sure about iphones

at least on iphones „GS wave“ (app) offers h.264 video and other codecs with SIP, but it requires a current asterisk version (and videosupport on in *). Should be available on Android too (or similiar SIP apps with video support). This seems to work quite well / reliable and is much more current then the old linphone stuff.

With freepbx asterisk is getting coupled with a WebRTC stack which should work in Browsers too - or a jitsi videoconference server with SIP connector my a solution to for your special needs. All that should run under NetBSD too. FreePBS sources are available somewhere too (instead if their linux based image).



Niels Dettenbach

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