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Re: logout delay

Vitaly Shevtsov <> writes:

> It seems to be a getty issue not shell itself. As I mentioned before
> (but chosen incorrect responder) I type 'exit', wait ~1 second then
> login prompt appears. And I tried many shells with the same result.
> Actually, I stopped worried about this because it happens only on
> getty logout. I log in once a day then dive into X and don't see getty
> until I turn computer on the next day :) I just wonder if somebody
> knows what the issue is.

It's not clear that it is a bug.

I have a very dim memory of somewhere between init and getty there being
a small delay, so that if getty failed, there wouldn't be a rapid loop.

Is there an actual problem?  It seems this is simply behavior you find

(This being open source, you are welcome to read the code, change it,
try it out, and explain your findings.  I don't see anything in need of
fixing, so I won't be doing that myself.)

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