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Re: DNSSEC vs netbsd-8/sparc?

>> So now I'm a bit confused where this error comes from.  Its root
>> cause does not seem to be the in-tree compiler (the "standalone"
>> BIND releases I've built are built with "-g -O2"), and it's not
>> the original BIND code either by the looks of it, as this is the
>> same code which is in netbsd-8.
> I don't fully understand DNSSEC and how the hash is generated, but
> could it be due to bit rot, i.e. when you created install image, some
> bytes of code/data somewhere could have been corrupted.

I highly doubt that.  If this host had random bit rottage (the
binaries I'm running are built locally), *and* the exact same bit
rottage is observed by others, that would be quite strange indeed.

> Maybe even source files are corrupted somewhere when you downloaded
> them? Have you tried fresh checkout and rebuilding the same code
> again, and if yes, do you reliably get the same hash mismatch?

I'll admit that I've not tested that; I think this is unlikely to be
the root cause.


- Håvard

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