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Question about resize_ffs or resize_root=YES

I feel like I'm missing something here, if so sorry about that.

I have a VMWare virtual machine running 9.0. I did a quick minimal
system install on another disk to try to extend the root filesystem of
my main system disk. I extended the physical disk in VMWare, so I'm
trying to extend the root filesystem into it. There is only the root

resize_ffs exited without errors but it didn't do anything. Tried
multiple times, including with verbose. I mounted it in the temp
system and it's still it's old size. The man page seems to imply it
will extend the filesystem automatically. I tried writing the new
slice size with fdisk then doing resize_ffs, this didn't help.

I also tried booting with resize_root=YES and that didn't work either.

Am I missing something? I've never done this before.


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