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Re: linux binary convert

> On Thu, Apr 16, 2020 at 04:37:23PM +0200, Fekete Zoltán wrote:
> > Hi There,
> > I have a 3rd party, closed-source binary .so file.
> > I can use it on NetBSD with the COMPAT_LINUX option and some other linux
> > libraries along.
> > So, I guess there is no linux-specific system call inside (Am I wrong?).

> You are likely wrong - it could include its own specific syscalls, or
> otherwise reference the linux C library which contains the linux specific
> syscalls.

> The binaries are recognized as linux binaries and the syscalls interpreted
> as such.

> > However I would like to link it to my own native NetBSD binary.

> If it contains any syscalls itself, you can not do that.

> A whole process is bound to a specific "emulation", which could be native
> NetBSD, or native NetBSD 32bit binaries, or Linux, or whatever.

> If it doesn't do any syscalls, you still need a glibc compatible C library
> which would collide with the NetBSD native C library.

> Easiest way out: compile your own code with a Linux toolchain, link against
> the closed source .so and run the result under linux emulation.

> Martin

Do you mean a Linux toolchain that would run (cross-compile) from NetBSD, or one that requires a Linux host?

Did you mean an already-built toolchain, or one that the user would build from source packages?


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