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Re: How to set font size of xterm

On 2020-04-16 23:49, Martin Neitzel wrote:
My problem is the small font size, but I can't
seem to figure out how to set the xterm font size.

On top of the excellent advice already given:

Ctrl-RightClick pops up the menue with different sizes from
"unreadable" to "HUGE".   By default, Shift-Keypad-Minus/Plus will
also step through theses sizes.  (The manpage provides a mapping
useful for laptops without a true number pad.)

The "-fn" option / ".font" ressource only refer to bitmapped fonts
and these achieve only limited sizes.


One thing to be wary of, if you pick other fonts, there is always the risk that you'll have issues with any program who tries to switch to other character sets inside the xterm. The DEC drawing character set, for example...

I pretty much always just stick with the standard font, and just use the xterm menu font to pick size, if I want something else than the default.


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