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Re: How to set font size of xterm

> My problem is the small font size, but I can't 
> seem to figure out how to set the xterm font size.

On top of the excellent advice already given:

Ctrl-RightClick pops up the menue with different sizes from
"unreadable" to "HUGE".   By default, Shift-Keypad-Minus/Plus will
also step through theses sizes.  (The manpage provides a mapping
useful for laptops without a true number pad.)

The "-fn" option / ".font" ressource only refer to bitmapped fonts
and these achieve only limited sizes.

To fill a FullHD monitor/beamer with a 24x80 terminal, important
for presentations, you definitely need to use scalable fonts.  You
have to use the "-fa" option / ".face" ressource for these, and
"-fs" makes sense then, too.  (-fs does not work with bitmapped

Finding out suitable fonts:

	$ fc-list :scalable=true:spacing=mono: family
	DejaVu Sans Mono
	Luxi Mono
	Courier 10 Pitch
	Noto Color Emoji
	Noto Mono
	Noto Emoji

Test it:

	$ xterm -fa 'Luxi Mono' -fs 24

Corresponding ressource lines:

	*VT100.faceName:    Luxi Mono
	*VT100.faceSize:    24

(Dealing with ressource files is an art of itself.  You could use
a common ~/.Xdefaults file or set XAPPLRESDIR and go with
program-specific ressource files, I do the latter.)

						Martin Neitzel

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