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Re: linux binary convert

2020-04-16 16:44 időpontban Martin Husemann ezt írta:

    On Thu, Apr 16, 2020 at 04:37:23PM +0200, Fekete Zoltán wrote:

        Hi There,

        I have a 3rd party, closed-source binary .so file.
I can use it on NetBSD with the COMPAT_LINUX option and some other linux
        libraries along.
So, I guess there is no linux-specific system call inside (Am I wrong?).

You are likely wrong - it could include its own specific syscalls, or otherwise reference the linux C library which contains the linux specific

The binaries are recognized as linux binaries and the syscalls interpreted
    as such.

        However I would like to link it to my own native NetBSD binary.

    If it contains any syscalls itself, you can not do that.

A whole process is bound to a specific "emulation", which could be native
    NetBSD, or native NetBSD 32bit binaries, or Linux, or whatever.

If it doesn't do any syscalls, you still need a glibc compatible C library
    which would collide with the NetBSD native C library.

Easiest way out: compile your own code with a Linux toolchain, link against
    the closed source .so and run the result under linux emulation.


Thanks for the answer. You might give me advice how run the built binary (linux) in a debugger. The linux gdb doesn't work as it can't see the process, NetBSD debugger doesn't know the format.

Development on linux is solution , it'sobvious, but I just want go with the experiment as far as possible.


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