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Re: NetBeans Unexpected error: the trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty

"John m0t" <> writes:

> "Could not transfer artifact
> com.sun.activation:jakarta.activation:pom:1.2.2 from/to
> spring-milestones ( Unexpected
> error: the
> trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty".
>     upon more examination I found that it is an SSL cetificate error
> and in ubuntu for example they install a package called java-cet to
> remove the issue.  but I installed mozila-root-cert from ports and it
> didn't help.

Note that in general this trust acnhor bit is a mess.

There is mozilla-rootcerts in pkgsrc (not ports, a term for OtherBSD
:-), and also mozilla-rootcerts-openssl.  Read the DESCR for both of
them, but the short story is that the -openssl puts the certs into the
openssl config, i.e., configures them as trust anchors.

However, many complicated systems don't use the system list of
pre-trusted root certificates, but instead have their own scheme.
firefox is like this.  I have no idea about java, but I would not be
surprised because java has a "we are the single consistent world and the
OS is just here to run java" mentality.   Given the Ubuntu package is
called java-cet, I would guess that it does something to configure the

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