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Re: Generating static htmls with interactive plots

On 06/04/2020 11:30, wrote:
=> I have a NetBSD based web server which serves mainly static contents and
=> files. There is one requirement to include some time series plots with
=> some monthly data points - so, the plots do not need to take any
=> parameters from a browser and can be statically generated.
=> Only requirement is for the plots to have some interactivity, such as
=> zooming, panning, mouseover text and so on.

IF you can provide the data as a static file (say in json format) you can use plotly.js on the browser side to turn that into a graph. The plotly.js library supports zooming/panning and other functionality all without refetching the data from the server.

I use this as part of a full vuejs application (with nodejs backed) for displaying server monitoring data but its not particularly hard to load the data into plotly on the browser side and use it stand alone. This is what I did in my early experimental phases.

If you want I can provide some of my simple js test code to help you out.


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