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Re: Generating static htmls with interactive plots

=> I have a NetBSD based web server which serves mainly static contents and
=> files. There is one requirement to include some time series plots with
=> some monthly data points - so, the plots do not need to take any
=> parameters from a browser and can be statically generated.
=> Only requirement is for the plots to have some interactivity, such as
=> zooming, panning, mouseover text and so on.
=> I hear nodejs has a collection of packages for this. But not sure about
=> ability to generate a static html.
=> Came across python plotly and it seems to have the ability to generate
=> static htmls the way I want.
=> Just wanted to know if there are more options to explore if someone has
=> tried in similar situations.
=> Mayuresh

   It is only an idea, not a solution, but I'm reminded of Flame
Graphs[1], which manage to pull off something similar in a static SVG
file. I would assume that a similar approach could get you what you
want, but it would require some design and coding.

                           Gary Duzan


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