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Re: Looking for java an android devs on netbsd environment

"John m0t" <> writes:

> I am trying to set a full production system to do android and java development in NetBSD.
> a. android studio
> b. adb bridge
> c. eclipse
> d.intellij idea

NetBSD has linux emulation, so the above might actually work.  Sort of
on my list to do this eventually, but I don't have anything useful to

> e. qt creator

I suspect that works fine.

> f. java (oracle java vs OpenJDK)(which version/versions? 1.8? 11?)

openjdk8 runs fine on netbsd-8/amd64 - I have successfully run josm and
mkgmap from openstreetmap, and unifi from Ubiquiti.  openjdk11 builds
and I believe works.

My advice is to install openjdk11, and to use the pkgsrc linux packages
and unpack the android studio stuff and see how it goes.

I would do this on 9 or current, and perhaps expect to get into fixing
linux syscalls in the emulation layer, perhaps not.

I hope someone else has wisdom for you - sending this hoping I'm not the
expert here!

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