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Re: boot issues

If you are at the point where getty is attempting to run, then you're clearly

If you have a filesystem that is supposed to be wd0 but is currently wd2
and that's where it booted from, the obvious thing to look for is what is in
/etc/fstab - you said that /usr (and /var) are mounted filesystems.   That
means they're being nounted according to what is in fstab.   If that says
wd0X /usr ... then it will not be mounting the one from wd2 that you want
it to be using.   Those things all need to be wd2 instead.    But then
when it is installed in the real system as wd0 they all need to be
changed back again.

I'd start looking there (as maya@ said, /usr is needed to run the simplest
of binaries, even though all the files are often on /)


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