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Re: hdaudio jack detection

2017-03-20 14:13 időpontban ezt írta:
In article <>,
Fekete Zoltán  <> wrote:

2017.03.06. 10:33 keltez�ssel, coypu%SDF.ORG@localhost �rta:
When jack detection works, it just works.
It works out of the box on my laptop and shows up in dmesg as
hdafg:...unsol (which is also referenced in the hdaudio code).
So when I plug in my headphones it will play to them and not speakers.

Some hardware is worse supported.

Hi again,

Finally I could solve the problem by modifying the driver. Now it works.

I attached the patch.

So, I don't know what's next.

This patch is more like a hardware dependent tuning. I am not sure its
generally a good pin configuration for all AD 1984A...

Is there anybody around having an Analog Devices AD1984A, and could try
my patch?

Can you please send-pr your patch so that it does not get lost? How did
you come up with the patch? From the datasheet, or from another OS's driver?



I have created a device.hints for FreeBSD formerly, see here:

And simply adapted that configuration to NetBSD.

I think I will work further, because mixerctl behaves odd after applying
the patch. The outputs.master channel is insensitive, however user apps,
like mplayer or firefox can set volume using the inputs.dac channel.
Besides I have not tested microphones yet.
So the solution is still not perfect. Working on...



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