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Re: hdaudio jack detection

In article <>,
Fekete Zoltán  <> wrote:
>2017.03.06. 10:33 keltezéssel, coypu%SDF.ORG@localhost írta:
>> When jack detection works, it just works.
>> It works out of the box on my laptop and shows up in dmesg as
>> hdafg:...unsol (which is also referenced in the hdaudio code).
>> So when I plug in my headphones it will play to them and not speakers.
>> Some hardware is worse supported.
>Hi again,
>Finally I could solve the problem by modifying the driver. Now it works.
>I attached the patch.
>So, I don't know what's next.
>This patch is more like a hardware dependent tuning. I am not sure its 
>generally a good pin configuration for all AD 1984A...
>Is there anybody around having an Analog Devices AD1984A, and could try 
>my patch?

Can you please send-pr your patch so that it does not get lost? How did
you come up with the patch? From the datasheet, or from another OS's driver?



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