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Re: boot fails without VGA connected

On Mar 02 08:34:35, wrote:
> On Thu, 2 Mar 2017 09:38:13 +0100, Jan Stary <> wrote:
> > This is 7.0.2/i386 on an old HP Compaq d530 (dmesg below).
> > The machine boots and seems to work just fine,
> > except if the monitor is not connected - in that case,
> > the boot sequence ends like this
> > (lame jpeg, cereal not set up yet, sorry):
> This appears to be the same issue as PR kern/49398.  See:
> for the full saga. 

Yes, this looks like my problem.
Thank you for the detailed analysis.

In my case, the boot hangs with no monitor attached,
but boots fine with monitor attached and powered off.
(And boots fine with monitor attached and powered on).

I will set up cereal and try without vga altogether.
Is there something else I should try?

> Alas, no solution has been forthcoming.

Hm, the last response (21 Oct 2015) says
it will have a closer look perhaps tonight ...

> Since the machine does complete booting when the monitor is attached,
> does X work with the "intel" driver?

Yes, X works without problems.


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