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Re: boot fails without VGA connected

On Thu, 2 Mar 2017 09:38:13 +0100, Jan Stary <> wrote:

> This is 7.0.2/i386 on an old HP Compaq d530 (dmesg below).

> The machine boots and seems to work just fine,
> except if the monitor is not connected - in that case,
> the boot sequence ends like this
> (lame jpeg, cereal not set up yet, sorry):

This appears to be the same issue as PR kern/49398.  See:

for the full saga.  Alas, no solution has been forthcoming.

Since the machine does complete booting when the monitor is attached,
does X work with the "intel" driver?  If not, perhaps you are also
experiencing PR kern/49707?  (The Synopsis is a bit out of date as
X no-longer panics the machine.  The X server now terminates with
Bus Error.)  See:

for that saga.  Alas, no solution there either.

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