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How to run Microsoft Internet Explorer on NetBSD?

I need to use Internet Explorer for access a web from my company:
Siebel software.

It uses Active X and it only works with Internet Explorer. (They
haven't activated the mode of Siebel Software for non Microsoft

.It is a application that I must use, very few times.

It is the option that I have used (tested some of them). What option
do you suggest?

1- Wine (I have tried it years ago with bad results with Explorer.
2- I can access with Citrix, but the citrix client from pkgsrc is very
old ,and it has problems with certificates of our Citrix Server. I
have tried to add the certificates without success. I don't know if I
am doing the right thing, or the citrix client has some problem for
understand the new certificates.
3- VMware.
4- Other emulator?

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