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Re: A few newbie questions about networking (wired and wireless)

On 10 November 2013 23:39, Chavdar Ivanov <> wrote:
> Well, there is GUI in pkgsrc (see net/dhcpcd-gtk), I've tried it, but
> I usually preconfigure my wireless networks in wpa_supplicant.conf -
> you can have as many networks defined there as you like, it will pick
> up the one which is available and associate with it; from then on
> dhcpcd will get you an address from the DHCP server on the network (in
> the trivial case the wireless router).

Could/should I use dhcpcd-gtk together with wpa_gui or are the two
mutually exclusive?

And if use either or both of them, should I leave rc.conf untouched or
should I configure it anyway?

To repeat, my standard use would be:

1) Home 1, main router
2) Home 2, second access point, different SSID
3) Public Library, unencrypted wireless
4) Occasional wired networking



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