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Re: Is it possible to install from a USB disk with sysinstall or Grub?

On 9 November 2013 02:33, Thomas Mueller <> 
> Question is whether the second partition would have a recognizable file 
> system, since the USB memstick image might have an embedded MBR.
> If the result is a recognizable BSD file system, you could boot the Super 
> GRUB2 Disk image on the SysRescCD USB stick.
> Then, possibly,
> set root=(hd0,msdos2)
> insmod ufs2 (or maybe it would be ufs1, or try both)
> knetbsd /netbsd (assuming that's the kernel name)
> boot
> You would be advised to run "ls" to make sure the USB stick with SysRescCD is 
> (hd0) as opposed to (hd1) or other.
> Otherwise, you could format the second partition, using NetBSD or FreeBSD 
> newfs if possible, otherwise FAT32 might possibly work, and copy the files 
> into that partition, then you'd have a root partition, but the question is 
> what NetBSD would call it, nothing so easy as with FreeBSD (/dev/da0s2, or 
> /dev/da1s2, etc).  Maybe sd0f, or sd1f, etc?
> In that case, you would boot the .iso or .img but would be able to specify a 
> root partition.
> I've never done this but have experience, favorable and unfavorable, with 
> Grub2 and syslinux.

Thanks Thomas,

I'll keep that in mind for future reference. I eventually gave up and
found an old 1G memory stick and I'm currently installing from there.

> I think the root would have to be on the cyber version of terra firma.

?? Can you explain that?


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