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Samba 3 and extended attributes (e.g. "store dos attributes")


This is a FYI post for someone who might have been struggling with
Samba and extended attributes on NetBSD.

I was trying to get "store dos attributes" to work on a share.
I had enabled "user.DOSATTRIB" with extattrctl(8) on the relevant
filesystem and I could use the attribute with setextattr(1),
getextattr(1) and rmextattr(1).  However, Samba did not seem to
be able to do the same even though its configure script does detect
the support and it gets compiled in: e.g. setxattr() fails.

Turns out that Samba uses the Linux style API for handling EAs and
there seems to be a bug in our implementation:

Apply the patch in that bug report and Samba will work with extended
attributes, at least it does for me in the DOSATTRIB case.

A good question would be if the BSD style API should be preferred and
if net/samba should be modified to use it.  There seems to already exist
support in Samba for the BSD style API but the Linux style API gets used
if it is also found.

Jarmo Jaakkola

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