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Re: dovecot again/still

On Mon, Nov 04, 2013 at 11:33:11AM +0000, Steve Blinkhorn wrote:
> > Me too. Is this Postfix from NetBSD's base system or "pkgsrc"? And
> > what about OpenSSL? And did you will them with any funky options
> > like "-mcpu=moaaarpowwrrrrr"?
> Stock Postfix that came with NetBSD.  I encountered the same error
> message with the original OpenSSL libraries, and then tried the latest
> binaries for this release of NetBSD, fetched, IIRC, from,
> or at worst from a mirror site.


> > And what NetBSD version and port is this?
> NetBSD 4.01 on i386.   I'm preparing for forthcoming upgrade of
> systems, and the idea was to learn the ropes on familiar territory so
> as not to go on wild goose chases in the uprated environment.

NetBSD 4.* is out of support for a while. I'm not sure whether I used
Postfix on that version with TLS support. I used NetBSD 5.0 or newer
if I remember correctly.

If you don't want to update the system you could try Postfix and OpenSSL
from "pkgsrc". The later would require something like this in "/etc/mk.conf":


        Kind regards

Matthias Scheler                        

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