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Re: dovecot again/still

Matthias Scheler wrote:
> > 
> > But my certificate and key pass your tests, so I'm really beginning to
> > wonder about the libraries.
> Me too. Is this Postfix from NetBSD's base system or "pkgsrc"? And
> what about OpenSSL? And did you will them with any funky options
> like "-mcpu=moaaarpowwrrrrr"?

Stock Postfix that came with NetBSD.  I encountered the same error
message with the original OpenSSL libraries, and then tried the latest
binaries for this release of NetBSD, fetched, IIRC, from,
or at worst from a mirror site.
> And what NetBSD version and port is this?

NetBSD 4.01 on i386.   I'm preparing for forthcoming upgrade of
systems, and the idea was to learn the ropes on familiar territory so
as not to go on wild goose chases in the uprated environment.

Steve Blinkhorn <>

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