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dovecot/postfix fconfiguration

Perhaps someone with experience of this would offer  some advice - the
various wikis and helpful howtos I have found so far all start with
different assumptions, and there's the occasional "here's a sample
script, but it's in an obsolete format, so don;t expect it to be of
much help".

The basic aim, as before, is to graft dovecot on to an existing email
server to allow remote mail access from smartphones.   I'm trying to
get dovecot running, but when I start it up I get:

Fatal: Error reading configuration: Invalid settings: No services

Because the configuration files are legion, it's no easy matter to
track down where the offending (lack of?) settings are located.

From postfix I get:

Oct  1 18:14:53 body postfix/smtpd[25677]: warning: SASL: Connect to
/var/spool/ postfix/private/auth failed: No such file or directory

this is, I presume, a Unix socket that is not getting created.

I'm hoping these two errors are sufficiently diagnostic for me not to
have to bother the list with what I take to be consequential errors.

Steve Blinkhorn <>

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