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Re: imap configuration

On Fri, Sep 27, 2013 at 11:04:43AM +0200, Niels Dettenbach wrote:
> i'm just wondering how much non sense is circulating about dovecot as other 
> email solutions around from and in the dovecot community / "scene",
> especially from peoples which are "new" to very new to the email "stuff".

I'm not new to email "stuff".

> Dovecot is not "more secure" nor "more performant" then solutions like cyrus
> or ...

I've never user Cyrus IMAP. But Dovecot is magnitudes faster than UW-IMAP
and Microsoft Exchange.

> ... even exim 

Exim is an MTA, Dovecot an POP3 and IMAP server. I'm not sure why you
are comparing those two.

> (which i prefer since around 15 years as our myjor smtp) - as in
> most mailer setups,

I've never configured Exim, only its predecessor Smail. And I didn't
like SMail very much because it had too many ways to do the same thing.
As a result you could never understand an SMail setup that somebody
else had configured.

My impression of Exim is (my two previous employers used it for a while)
that it struggles very much if your mail queue has 1,000 or more mails
in it. But that might have improved in the last few years.

        Kind regards

Matthias Scheler                        

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