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Re: More puzzing nmbclusters

Niels Dettenbach <> writes:

> Am Freitag, 7. Juni 2013, 11:35:51 schrieben Sie:
>> It's relatively easy to read the diff between the files that have the
>> limit calculations.  It's entirely possible that new checking code to
>> constrain the limits was added, which increases safety but makes it more
>> likely you will run out.  There's unfortunately no way to understand
>> without understanding the details.
> hmm,
> OK.
> i can prove that what Konrad wrotes. After regularly problems (out of
> ressources) with nmbclusters to low on a NetBSD 5 we raised it up to
> 32xxx and our machines was running over years. May be that there is a
> theoretical (or even practical) "insecurity" but for many of us it
> broughts a situation which seems not acceptable.
> I'm just wondering how FreeBSD or others are solving that...

I didn't meant to say that this can't or shouldn't be fixed - it
should.  It's just that fixing it requires digging in an understanding,
and I was tryint to point poeple in the right direction.

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