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Re: More puzzing nmbclusters

>> No. The only result that doesn't produce an Invalid argument is … 16384. 
>> What can I do? 
>> This is a NetBSD/i386 machine with 2GB physical RAM. 
> Probably you are hitting hard limits in the code.   I would look through
> the kernel source.  Beware that just increasing the NMBCLUSTERS without
> also increasing kernel virtual address space is likely to lead to KVA
> exhaustion, which is not pretty, and manifests itself as a machine which
> is not quite crashed but won't do much.

So would this problem be remedied if I switched the system from i386 to amd64? 
Would the limits be more to my tastes, or do they behave similarly under the 
same memory conditions? 

I still do not quite get it to fit in my head that we didn't have the problem 
with NetBSD 5; we could just set the NMBCLUSTERS to something quite bigger 
there and be happy. 

Thank you

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