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Re: net/aget : project contacts not reachable?

On Tue, Jun 04, 2013 at 06:42:12PM +0200, Alistair Crooks wrote:
> I don't see any updates to the package (beyond ones dealing with
> pkgsrc infrastructure) since its import:
> so maybe things have just moved on for them?

Looks like ... thanks for the findings.

Anyway, the tool is really nice and I hope it remains in pkgsrc.

Do not know how this thought sounds, but is it possible to use download
accelerators (like aget) for distfile downloads in pkgsrc (of course not
by default.) Since I got to know about aget, I break my pkgsrc builds when
it is downloading and manually download from the same URL using aget.
Often it speeds up the things.

(Of course it won't benefit cases where distfile download already consumes
your internet connection's bandwidth fully.)


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