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Re: browsers and core dumps

    From: Paulo Geyer <> [130528 19:44]
    I've installed netbsd few days ago, and couldn't do much in it yet
    the OS is fast, what is awesome for this old computer (1.6ghz, 2gb
    ram), but I coulnd't install or use Midori/Epiphany, and Firefox
    (17) is too slow
    these are the problems I have here
    * firefox binary package is broken
    * Midori binary package is broken (core dumps, and missing libicu library)
    * Midori compiled using pkgsrc gives me core dump when I try to use
    * Epiphany binary package core dumps too
    I installed netbsd using the netbsd-INSTAlL via netboot, did a
    full install for 6.1 kernel and sets, amd64
    Other issues:
    wpi driver loses connection sometimes
    networking boot is too slow, (can't set to run in the background
    while booting?)
    emacs core dumps sometimes too
    What can I do to solve these problems?

Hi Paulo,
with Midori I had the same trouble. Though its such a nice browser, it
hangs up often with a core dump. Firefox takes some time to start, but 
should not be too slow - I am fine with it on a 1.5ghz laptop.

Did you try Seamonkey? Thats my favorite what I use daily. 

herb langhans

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