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browsers and core dumps

I've installed netbsd few days ago, and couldn't do much in it yet

the OS is fast, what is awesome for this old computer (1.6ghz, 2gb ram), but I coulnd't install or use Midori/Epiphany, and Firefox (17) is too slow

these are the problems I have here
* firefox binary package is broken
* Midori binary package is broken (core dumps, and missing libicu library)
* Midori compiled using pkgsrc gives me core dump when I try to use
* Epiphany binary package core dumps too

I installed netbsd using the netbsd-INSTAlL via netboot, did a full install for 6.1 kernel and sets, amd64

Other issues:
wpi driver loses connection sometimes
networking boot is too slow, (can't set to run in the background while booting?)
emacs core dumps sometimes too

What can I do to solve these problems?

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