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Re: ext4 support on NetBSD

On Oct 15,  5:19am, Mayuresh wrote:
} I am using NetBSD 6.0 and have a requirement to use certain ext2/3/4
} partitions.
} Since NetBSD 5.0 ext2 and ext3 (as ext2 i.e. sans journaling) has worked
} well for me.
} I face a need to mount an ext4 partition now for which I don't find
} support in 6.0. Wondering whether it is supported in any other release
} (>6.0) or whether it will be supported in future.

     Only if somebody writes the code.  GPLed code CAN NOT go in the
kernel, which means actual Linux code can't be used.  Another option
might be if there is a FUSE implementation.  That could be added to

}-- End of excerpt from Mayuresh

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