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Re: Question about nmbclusters (Konrad Neuwirth) writes:

>I did. We are running the new kernel now, and it contains the following: 
>options         NKMEMPAGES=98352
>options         NMBCLUSTERS=262140
>I verified that this is actually the kernel that is live.

>| pinie# sysctl kern.mbuf
>| kern.mbuf.msize = 256
>| kern.mbuf.mclbytes = 2048
>| kern.mbuf.nmbclusters = 16384
>| kern.mbuf.mblowat = 16
>| kern.mbuf.mcllowat = 8

There are several limits.

- 1/4 of physical memory
- 1/4 of kernel memory for architectures that require it for mbufs
- architecture specific kernel option NMBCLUSTERS_MAX (16384 for i386)
- kernel option NMBCLUSTERS

I'm not sure if NMBCLUSTERS_MAX is still correct for i386 but the
rationale is that kernel address space is limited.


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