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New hard disk, copying data


I want to install a new hard disk in my laptop. The previous hard diss (traditional winchester) two partition, NetBSD + Windows with the boot selection menu. I want to install a new SSD disk, just slightly smaller than the existing netbsd partition. I have this laptop often in bumpy condition and the current HD seems to fail, so I thought trying SSD might be interesting.

How can I copy the existing data, to avoid a reinstall? I thought

1) attach the hard disk in an external USB enclosure
2) Partition int
3) Copy the data (how? using tar/untar perhaps?)
4) write the MBR (but how, from the command line? and I don't need the boot selection anymore, just flat into NetBSD)

Please fill in the voids :) I'm open also to other suggestions

about partitioning then? I was thinking that perhaps a separate swap partition is less useful on a SSD and a file might be more flexible, since there is no seek time. A bit of filesystem overhead would remain, but I can take that, Mac and Windows do it. Any particular options to set for the filesystem? I read about TRIM, but do not well how the state is on NetBSD.


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