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Re: Question about nmbclusters

Peter Eisch <> writes:

> Greg, would you mind reading my tea leaves?  How should I read the mcl
> stats from the following systems?

You should figure out how to not miswrap log/diag output :-)

A quick look shows 0 Fail, which means none of the machines ran out,
which means you had high enough NMBCLUSTERS.

Most have not that many allocated, and no releases, which means the
systems aren't doing that much.

doily has a huge request/release, but hiwat is only 771 vs 333 npage, so
it seems to have a repeated moderate use.   To really understand this
read the following papers (in order);

  The Slab Allocator: An Object-Caching Kernel Memory Allocator by Jeff Bonwick

  Magazines and Vmem: Extending the Slab Allocator to Many CPUs and
  Arbitrary Resources by Jeff Bonwick (Sun) and Jonathan Adams

Part of the point of pools is to avoid the need for tuning by having
efficient autosizing.  But the hard part is having memory pressure cause
distributed hints to free not-so-needed memory, and avoid one use from
hurting the machine.  So this is hard, like managing disk quotas.
Probably with modern adapators NMBCLUSTERS should have a higher default
limit based on avaiable KVA and physmem.

> At this point the systems above survive unless traffic through them
> dramatically changes.  Maybe my fiddling with NMBCLUSTERS has only
> coincidentally resolved the issues?

I wouldn't say coincidentally.  When you raise NMBCLUSTERS to the point
where typical usage doesn't cause you to run out, you have tuned
properly.  It would be nice if the pool stats had a high-water mark for
clusters (vs pages).  But if you multiply pages by 2 it will be close.

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