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Re: About the project's organization

Am Sonntag, 14. April 2013, 07:38:58 schrieb matthew sporleder:
> > Then, as a second thing, there's your pkgsrc system. It's a nice system
> > like the other ports-like systems. BUT: If one, like a newbie does,
> > starts with the "NetBSD Guide", there's hardly any information about it
> > to be found. At least there should be a link to the official pkgsrc
> > documentation at Once again, that's a bad thing especially
> > since BSDs are usually known for their good documentation.
> > 
> > If you've read until down here thank you, and thank you to the IRC channel
> > people for helping me out so far.
> > ----
> > Daniel Ziltener
> There are a few links to docs on
> if you click on "docs"
> or also "using pkgsrc on NetBSD" from the "Supported platforms" section.
> What did you not find on there that you needed?  If it's not already
> there, I'll add it.
The documentation on is fine; It's just that it's somewhat "hidden" 
for new users. I just looked again at "The NetBSD Guide" and I've seen that 
there's a link at the end of the example installation of firefox. That should 
probably be at the beginning of 5.15, but it's there, so I simply overlooked 

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