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Re: About the project's organization

On Sun, Apr 14, 2013 at 6:40 AM, Daniel Ziltener 
<> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm a new user of NetBSD and as that I wanted to share with you what I
> experienced until I got my system running as I wanted.
> First, when I wanted to download it: It was weird. It the folder structure
> seems to somehow depend on the ftp server it's on.
> On most, for the final release, it's kinda direct that one lands on a page 
> with
> all ISO and IMG files; that's fine. But there's that other confusing folder
> structure, especially if one wants to get an RC. It's nowhere described. First
> there is a folder for every architecture with a confusing subfolder structure.
> One might end up in a folder containing a "boot.iso" and a "boot-com.iso" 
> file.
> boot.iso seems to be a boot-only iso getting all stuff from the servers during
> installation; I did not try out the boot-com.iso file. Especially, there's
> nowhere any description about them. But even worse is when one wants the
> actual installation iso file. No, it's not in the architecture folder - it's 
> in
> the hard-to-find "images" folder hidden in the mess of architecture folders.
> That definitely was confusing.
> Unfortunately I had to use one of those RCs since 6.0.1 was unable to detect
> the installation media (usb and cd), which is solved in 6.1-RC2 (a bug that,
> weird enough, also is in FreeBSD 9.1 when booting from usb, but solved in

I agree with most of this.  I've been using netbsd for 10 years and
still have trouble finding stuff on the website.

> Then, as a second thing, there's your pkgsrc system. It's a nice system like
> the other ports-like systems. BUT: If one, like a newbie does, starts with the
> "NetBSD Guide", there's hardly any information about it to be found. At least
> there should be a link to the official pkgsrc documentation at
> Once again, that's a bad thing especially since BSDs are usually known for
> their good documentation.
> If you've read until down here thank you, and thank you to the IRC channel
> people for helping me out so far.
> ----
> Daniel Ziltener

There are a few links to docs on
if you click on "docs"

or also "using pkgsrc on NetBSD" from the "Supported platforms" section.

What did you not find on there that you needed?  If it's not already
there, I'll add it.

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