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whitelisting with spamd

I've  been running spamd from pkgsrc for several years, but never got
the whitelisting part to work correctly.  I'm hoping someone can steer
me right because too many of my gmail friends are getting their mail

(Google "fools" spamd by using different source addresses when
resending.  spamd greylists each retry, and gmail eventually gives up.
Although I first noticed the problem with Google, I've since found
other mail servers do the same.)  

The problem is that the whitelist /etc/pf/whitelist.txt is never
updated.  The spamd man page says the whitelist should
be /var/db/spamd, but that file doesn't exist: 

        "spamd will use the db file in /var/db/spamd to track these
non-blacklisted connections to spamd by connecting IP address,
envelope-from, and envelope- to, or "tuple" for short."

I'm sure I'm overlooking something simple.  I'd very much appreciate
any guidance.  

Some configuration information: 

$ sed -ne'/^white/,$p' /etc/pf/spamd.conf 

$ ls -l /etc/pf/spamd.conf # not updated recently ....
-rw-r--r--  2 jklowden  wheel  2782 Nov 25  2006 /etc/pf/spamd.conf

$ grep spam /etc/rc.conf
pfspamd=YES             pfspamd_flags="-g"      # greylisting

$ sed -ne'/spamd/,/^$/p' /etc/pf.conf 
# spamd
table <spamd> persist
table <spamd-white> persist file "/etc/pf/whitelist.txt"
rdr pass on $external inet proto tcp from <spamd> to any \
    port smtp -> port spamd
rdr pass on $external inet proto tcp from !<spamd-white> to any \
    port smtp -> port spamd


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