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Re: [Q] emacs on 6.1 candidate (i386)

  ulimit -s 8196  worked 

  originally it was set to 2048  (ulimit -s)

  should this be a bug ? and if yes, is it against emacs or something else

I am not seeing this on emacs 24.3 on netbsd-5 i386.
But, pointers are smaller there.

The bug question is a bit tricky.  Assuming a few things based on the
bug reports to date.

 * I'd say it's a bug in emacs if emacs crashes rather than prints a
   message about stack size.

 * It's also a bug in emacs if the required stack ulimit size isn't

 * It may be a bug that the cvs backend uses an excessive amount of

 * It's hard to say that it's a NetBSD bug to limit stack to 2 MB, but
   that might be too small these days.  That's 16K frames of 128 bytes

So I would (very weakly) guess that somewhere there are excessive
variable allocations on the stack.

I also wonder what the default limits are on other *BSD, *Linux,

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