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NetBSD hw compatibility advice

I'm shopping for some new hardware, due to some recent failures of some of my Jura-epoch x86 hardware. My google-fu has mostly let me down, so I am turning to this list for some enlightenment. :-)

Shopping for a new i7 box and found some appealing candidate motherboards:
- ASUS P8Z77-V LX (RTL8111E GigE, ALC887 hdaudio)
- ASUS P8Z77-M PRO (RTL8111F Gige, ALC892 hdaudio)

However, I am worried about compatibility of audio, USB2, and notably that 8111F GigE that seems like a blind spot on google, netbsd-wise.

- Any issues with intel Z77 chipsets I should be aware of?
- Googling indicates RTL8111F GigE is a no-go, but RTL8111E is ok?

Also shopping for an el-cheapo personal microserver, which raises the question of whether the A50M Hudson-M1 chipset (and an AMD E350 cpu) is supported. The motherboard in question comes with an RTL8111E as well. It's only intended as a very cheap headless personal webserver with a RAID1 and GigE and not much more.

Thanks for any help


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